Var-mala, Doli & Mandap

The mandap or wedding pavilions are major part of Indian wedding. Most essential ceremony of Indian wedding take place under the wedding mandap. To make this ceremony memorable. Khamma Ghani Events is one of the best choice. We are dedicated to make the wedding day of the clients exclusive as well as memorable for their life time. Mandap decoration is an integral part of Indian Weddings. The symbolism of the mandap goes further with each pillar being understood to represent the four parents of the couple, without whose support, love and blessings, the marriage would not have come to take place. But trend is changed now modern and contemporary mandap decoration is more in demand red and silver is replaced by blue and vine colors traditional touch is always given to these wedding mandaps. The general colour schemes that are most popular are bright and bold colours like red, saffron, white, blue, golden and also many colour merged together to achieve a contrasting as well as complementing look.
The theme, props and colours selected for the wedding stage decorations should be in harmony, as well as in contrast to the entire setting of the stage, only then the perfect ambience for the event can be achieved.
A ritual of jaimala is executed at this wedding mandap. The wedding stage is the auspicious location where the bride and groom are officially presented as a couple. The groom and bride exchange garlands around each other. This is a welcome sign held at the mandap. These days, people prefer western mandap decorations to the traditional adornments. We offer a wide and comprehensive range of doli & Mandap and all kinds of Function Arrangements.

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